Condominium management

The Lake Geneva area is gaining density and has witnessed a growing number of condominiums (PPE). This form of property ownership requires the expertise of a professional manager able to protect the common property and effectively meet owners’ requests. Assigned and responsive to their clients, our managers intervene quickly and with precision in the management of a condominium.

Through its stable condominiums portfolio under management, the Régie Foncière has acquired an extensive technical knowledge, as well as human and interpersonal skills, which are used to serve its clients. The establishment of a partnership based on trust combined with our staff know-how enable us to sustainably manage your condominium with great serenity.

Our services include, among others:

  • Technical management with a routine and general maintenance of the building, the supervision of suppliers and the control of the execution price, the payment of invoices, the management of claims, the drafting of the caretakers’ specifications and the supervision of their activity.
  • Apartments renovation management, restoration of the exterior envelope of the building (roof, façades, windows) or replacement of technical facilities (elevators, ventilations, boilers). Our activity includes work planning and monitoring, the coordination of suppliers and schedule compliance.
  • Financial management for the establishment of an operating budget, the building’s profit and loss accounts (current expenses and heating costs), the individual fees settlement, as well as the annual audit of accounts, the issuance of reminders and formal notices, the annual contribution to the renovation fund and the analysis of evolving needs.
  • Legal management for the settlement of claims, the mediation in case of disputes, the condominium representation before courts.
  • Administrative management with the organisation of management committee meetings and co-owners general meetings, the reporting of minutes, the drafting of the annual management report, the establishment of a regular and high-quality financial reporting.
  • Sustainable and responsible management with recommendations towards the energy consumption optimisation (water, electricity, gas or fuel), the training of caretakers on waste management.
  • Insurance management including the call for tenders and the negotiation of the best terms for buildings contracts, the representation of property owners before the insurance companies, the management of claims processing.