Property management

Our specialised staff members manage rental buildings, villas, apartments or commercial premises for private and institutional clients. Responsive to tenants and dedicated to serve property owners, our teams improve the rental yield of buildings under management. Through an assigned property manager, owners can quickly get information suitable to their needs and personalised advice in order to support them in their decision-making process.

Our main activities cover:

  • Rental and administrative management with rental strategy advice, the search for tenants, lease negotiation and establishment, tenants relationships, terminations processing, initial and closing inventories.
  • Technical management including routine maintenance, technical monitoring and planning of the maintenance operations, work planning and completion, the coordination of suppliers, the control and monitoring of the execution price, the drafting of the specifications and control of the building service.
  • Financial management covering the monitoring of rent and other products collection, the payment of the charges, the production and closing of the profit and loss statements, the claims management and recovery, the processing of service charge settlement, the preparation of scoreboards and personalised reporting.
  • Sustainable and responsible management with recommendations towards the energy consumption optimisation (water, electricity, gas or fuel), an analysis of the energy opportunities within renovation projects, the training of caretakers on waste management.
  • Legal management covering all claims and disputes on work or lease agreements, the management of legal proceedings and the representation of property owners in courts, the recovery of debts and the relationship management with the Prosecutions and Bankruptcy Office.
  • Insurance management including the call for tenders and the negotiation of the best terms for buildings contracts, the representation of property owners before the insurance companies, the management of claims processing.