A first-rate and personalised service

Founded in 1952, Régie Foncière SA has been a long-standing player on the property market of Geneva and its region. Built on a human scale, the Régie Foncière is today run by Philippe Solari, Managing Director and Chairman of the Management Board. The company’s mission is to provide to each of its clients a personalised and high quality service.

Recognised for their professional knowledge, its property and condominium managers and its brokers provide guidance to a demanding clientele. Keeping a finger on the pulse of the market and in touch with the trends, as well as their experience and generic skills, allow them to offer a comprehensive support in order to maintain the value and secure the growth of their clients’ assets.

The Régie Foncière offers a complete range of services in four areas: the rental management of buildings, commercial premises or villas; the management of condominiums (PPE); the acquisition and sale of properties; and finally, the management of student residences. Its clientele includes tenants, private property owners, pension funds, insurance companies, public-law foundations and cooperatives, as well as owners of apartments in condominiums.